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battery systems.

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Years in the USA
Since 1950 ...
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since 1950


Only the highest grades of lead, lead oxide, sulfuric acid and premium insulating materials are used to deliver BBI Batteries with the most power and longest life.

Positive and negative grids are formulated with the lowest possible antimonial content providing the greatest power potential and lowest possible internal resistance.

To insure longest life, BBI uses the best available materials to insulate its positive plate for batteries to be able to withstand rigorous warehouse work environments.

BBI’s ‘post and bridge’ design, the key energy transfer point, are greatly oversized, resulting in a much reduced resistance factor for cooler operating batteries able to handle the high charge currents of  ‘opportunity and fast charge’ applications.

Advanced manufacturing techniques including fully automated production assembly insure each BBI Battery meets or exceeds its rated capacity.

Over 150 quality control inspections provide consistent BBI Battery performance and life backed by a 5 Year Full Warranty.